New World slalom record 2/55/10.25 set by Jana Wittenbrock in the German & Netherlands open held in Weert 10-12/7

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Jana Wittenbrock brock the Slalom Record hold by Lisa Adams 1/55/10.25  from  2000 in Piestany.   Jana Brock the record 2/55/10.25 in the preliminary round and she  was very close to break the record again in the final round by setting a result of 1/55/10.25 .

Aviv Levy from Israel won the Slalom open with fantactic result 3/58/09.75 before Simon Herrmann 0.5/58/09.75 and Romer Stephan 3/58/11.25.

All the Results from the German & Duch National Open

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