Rules Update for ITC STOPS IN 2016

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We are just before the first ITC stop in 2016 (24. – 26. June in Weert/ Netherlands). Because of some unexpected and last- minute changes in the competition calendar, we will have SOME MODIFICATIONS IN ITC RULES!!!

Bad News/ good News: The WorldCup in Shanghai is cancelled/ but still we will have nearly the same amount of price money than in 2015 (You will get it in detail next week).


We will follow the rule „There will be a winner of the ITC Tour in women and men in each of the three events (Slalom, Tricks, Jump), based on the highest total number of points obtained in a total of three (out of four) best scores on ITC Stops”. If there will be a tie in points, the skier with the highest number of points out of all 4 stops will win.

The 4th stop in Beckum/ Germany will be the ITC final, you have to compete there, but the points will not counting double. So in 2016 there will be no qualification for the final/ Worldcup. The rule ” The first 6 skiers of each event (slalom, tricks and jump) in women and men will be automatically qualified for the Cableski World Cup, if a Cableski World Cup is organized in that event” is cancelled for this year. Everybody is permit to compete at the “final” in Beckum/ Germany.

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